1.Home page

Home page provides a brief introduction of MloDisDB, a search box and some links to other pages. you can search MloDisDB according to different MLOs, factors or diseases, updates of MloDisDB are displayed here as well.


2.Search results page

The search results are presented as a responsible table, which contains MLOs, factors, diseases, entry levels. The MloDisDB ID (MDID) can be clicked to navigate to detail page.


3.Detail page

Detail page includes four sections:
1) Basic information which contains the MLOs, factors and diseases information.
2) Changes of the MLOs and the description of the changes, the organisms and cell lines used for experiments, and the descriptions of relationships between MLOs and diseases.
3) The expression changes, mutations or PTMs of the factors and the description of the changes.
4) Though LLPS is underlying the formation of MLOs, not all factors located in MLOs have been reported to be LLPS proteins, therefore we provide the researchers with molecular signatures that have been reported to facilitate phase separation.

detail_page_1.png detail_page_2.png

4.Browse page

Browse page contains all entries in MloDisDB, you can enter what you want to query in the boxes and tap "Enter" to browse this database.


5.MLOs page

MLOs page provides a user-friendly graphical navigation that enable users to browse based on the location of MLOs, you can click a MLO to see all related diseases and components of the MLO.


6.MLO detail page

This page provides the basic information of the MLOs, the related entries are listed below, the components of the MLOs which were collected from related resources are listed as well.


7.Diseases page

Diseases page lists all diseases in MloDisDB and users can click each disease to extract related entries.